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The eFlorist Area Sales Team

eFlorist Area Sales Managers are often the first point of contact for eFlorist users.  They are a dedicated team who between them cover the whole country.   With many years of industry experience between them they not only can provide support for any area of eFlorist, but will always encourage you to look for new ways to develop your business.

The team consists of (from left to right):

Krzysztof Sobieraj

Kryzsytof has been working for Teleflorist/eFlorist for 11 years this year, his background is in horticulture which he studied at Welsh College for three years. In his spare time he loves football, a Southampton FC supporter by roots he’s now a staunch Manchester United Fan! He loves Mountain biking, Snowboarding (though his figure does not always represent this due to a passion for home cooked Polish food!) also, cooking, live music, computers and technology, although on this last point he claims “don’t call me, call Wes or Chris at eFlorist if you have a problem as I’m probably driving on the M62, M1, M6 etc!”

Kryzsytof says “I’m friendly, love meeting people and talking, too much at times! I’m more than happy to help anytime.”

Joan Lockhart

Joan has been working with Teleflorist/eFlorist for around three years and works with eFlorist users throughout Northern Ireland. She has been a member of Teleflorist/eFlorist for 15 years via two florists shops ‘Fleurtations’ in Moira Co.Down and ‘Fleuriste’ in Belfast. Having worked in both rural and city locations Joan has gained valuable experience in very different trading environments allowing her to fully appreciate the different requirements of floristry businesses in her region.

Joan is a highly qualified BETEC/NDSF florist winning medals at Chelsea and representing Northern Ireland across the world.  She is a qualified Judge and demonstrator.

Joan says “I enjoy my job with eFlorist and love to share business ideas, new floristry techniques, designs and trends with other florists. We all have a lot to learn from each other in an Industry which is constantly changing to adapt to the current economic climate. I especially enjoy watching new florists finding their feet in the Industry and helping them expand and grow their businesses and I have great admiration for established florists who are constantly adapting their businesses to meet new challenges as they are presented. I believe the recent changes at eFlorist offer new ways to help support florists, improve their businesses and keep up to date with new technology and good business practice in an ever changing environment.”

Douglas Lyle

Douglas covers eFlorist businesses throughout Scotland and the North counties of England, from Lancaster to the North Pole. With over 21 years experience in the industry Douglas has made many friends along the way.

Douglas says “I’ve been amazed at the floristry skills displayed by our customers and members in competitions and in shops which really go to prove the professionalism that the Job demands. Floristry and shop keeping have changed a great deal over the years and our company has changed alongside it. To keep up with all these changes the one constant in this evolving world is that we care a great deal about the people who are the lifeblood of our company.”

Christine Hughes

Christine joined eFlorist over three years ago and is our Area Sales Manager for Southern Ireland. Christine is an experienced florist owning her own shops for over 20 years and is the proud owner of the NDSF.  Christine is also a member of The Association of Irish Floral Artists and teaches and demonstrates on their behalf.

In her spare time, Christine is a keen gardener and attends lectures on gardening regularly. Along with her husband Noel and their three children, Christine regularly attends many vintage car rallies.

Gordon Jones

Gordon lives on the South Wales coast with his wife and five children. He has worked for Teleflorist/eFlorist for eight years and has been a Teleflorist/eFlorist user within his own floristry business for over twenty years. Gordon’s parents and grandparents worked in the flower industry and his own career in floristry began after training for a city and guilds qualification in floristry with Hilary West. Gordon has been a florist for forty years and claims that he is still learning!

Lisa Bennett

The diminutive Lisa is the latest addition to our Area Sales Manager team, bringing years of experience as a florist with her. What Lisa lacks in height, she makes up for in personality and seemingly boundless enthusiasm. You’ll rarely see Lisa without a smile on her face.

Vikki Munday

Vicki lives in Surrey and has worked for the company for just over three years now. In her spare time she can often be found working out at the gym as she admits that her love for any kind of food and more than just the odd tipple, make working out a necessity!  In the near future Vicki is planning to move home to be closer to where the action is, so watch out, she could be coming to a town near you!

Alan McMeekin

Alan is the General Manager for Ireland.  With extensive industry experience Alan ensures that the Irish office runs efficiently for all the florists in Ireland.

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