Christmas Poinsettia - Tips, Tricks and Traditions 

Posted by eFlorist on 20/12/16 08:56

Thinking about Christmascoming soon, we interviewed some of our customers in a competition where they had to nominate their favorite Christmas flower. We were not surprised to see that for 8 out of 10 people, poinsettiais their Christmas flower of choice. Extremely popular in the US, in Canada and Mexico, the poinsettia called also the Christmas Star is the best seller during the holiday season. In the US more than 66 million of plants are sold every year where they contribute over $250 million to the US economy at the retail level. In Europe more than 30 million are offered at Christmas.

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Christmas Greetings Ideas And Christmas Card Translations

Posted by eFlorist on 16/12/16 08:02

The Holiday Season is almost there and you can already feel the Christmas spirit invading our environment, shops and life. Maybe you are also thinking of your Christmas gift. If you have the luck to be with your family for Christmas you can deliver your Christmas greeting in person, Yet sometimes due to distance, friends and relatives can be far from the eyes. Stay close to their heart with a nice Christmas card. Let us inspire you with message ideas.

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Christmas decoration with orchids - A How To Guide

Posted by eFlorist on 12/12/16 09:54

It’s never too early to think about next Christmas table decoration. We know that Christmas Holidays is a busy period and we have planned an early Christmas workshop. The idea of this DIY Christmas decoration is to create a unique & sparkling case to welcome lovely orchids. Vanda, Phalaenopsis and cymbidium are among the favourite Christmas flowers. Here you can mix both orchids and Christmas decorations. Perfect on the table of the Christmas Eve dinner, New Year or even as a gift to someone celebrating a birthday in December.

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Lavender, the essence of summer

Posted by eFlorist on 07/11/16 08:01


Like an impressionism painting, lavender fields bloom from June to early September in most gardens. Unique landscape not to be missed, blooming lavender fields look stunning and smell fantastic, among the most amazing ones are the Must-Sees lavender fields in Provence, South of France. This blue and gold flower has been used for ages to make soap, cosmetics, aromatherapy and in cooking, but lavender does so much more than just that!


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Flower fragrance & scents, their benefits in our environment

Posted by eFlorist on 31/10/16 08:00

Looking at a flower is a happiness source. But flowers and blooming plants have other great benefits in our environment. With the exception of vision, no sense is as closely tied to memory as the sense of smell. Thus smelling floral scents has the extraordinary power to put us in a good mood and feel less anxious. How is that possible and which flowers?

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Autumn flowers, a sunshine when light goes down

Posted by eFlorist on 24/10/16 08:00

Summer will soon officially drawing to an end. Even if Indian Summer is particularly nice this year, autumn is around the corner. We are lucky to have so many late summer and early autumn flowers to brighten up our days, home, office and garden. Enjoy them now before the first frosts and celebrate autumn!

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Plant care during your holidays

Posted by eFlorist on 17/10/16 10:00

You've worked hard and you deserve your holiday! Everything is ready for the big trip, sunglasses and sun protection cream in your bag. You planned for everything, but maybe not your plants. No way to take them with you! Unless you give them to someone or you have a nice neighbor who generously offered to watering them in your absence or use a garden maintenance company, here are some tips and tricks to find them in very good health when you come back:

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Recipe: Ice cubes with flowers and fruits

Posted by eFlorist on 10/10/16 10:21

Summer is all around and you are looking for not just any refreshment, but a stylish, creative and beautiful one?  Then we have the perfect recipe for you to surprise your friends or family on a warm summer evening. And what better than one that contains flowers! Now you might wonder, how can flowers be refreshing? Well, all you need is some water, a freezer and a little bit of patience to let your flowers turn into little icy eye catchers that will make even a simple soda water a true sensation. Let`s get started!

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Dyeing Your Flowers

Posted by eFlorist on 03/10/16 16:04

Flowers come in many beautiful colours; from the clean and crisp whites to vivid purples to rich, romantic reds. While you can buy bouquets of pretty much any colour that takes your fancy, it can be fun to create this at home.  Why not match your Mum’s flowers perfectly to her kitchen? Pick the colour of your girlfriends based on her favourite dress that she wore on that date? Select the school colours as you congratulate your grandson or daughter on their exam results?

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Arrangement Care - get The Most Out Of Your Arrangements

Posted by eFlorist on 09/08/16 14:23

Unlike bouquets, an arrangement of flowers are put in floral foam which has been previously impregnated with water. Our expert florists are sharing some tips and best practices so you can enjoy them longer.

Arrangement or bouquet?

In both cases, your florists is using cut flowers that need individual care. But as opposed to bouquet, an arrangement is done in a specific support, the floral foam. This foam can be placed in a vase, in a pot, in a container, glass or used alone and covered with leaves for example. Unlike for a bouquet, an arrangement is not put directly in water. But your flowers will still need some water!

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