Happy 100 years BFA!

Posted by eFlorist on 22/05/17 10:30

eFlorist are proud to be sponsoring the BFA’s very special centenary stand at RHS Chelsea

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DIY - Homemade Pot Pourri

Posted by eFlorist on 28/02/17 15:55

You love your flowers and you want them to last forever? Here is an easy to follow guide in to make a nice and simple homemade Potpourri. Instead of throwing away those flowers that were bought for you, bring them back to life! Give them a chance to give another dose of the floral fragrance back in your home. The process is simple but can take some time depending on the technique you decide to use. We will be focusing on the natural drying technique only. Ready for an inspiring and creative workshop?

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Skeleton Flower - The flower that turns see through!

Posted by eFlorist on 28/04/16 16:06

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the world of flowers continually throws surprises at you. We’re always discovering amazing flowers that we never thought were possible, we just try and make sure we avoid reading about anything like this close to April 1st, some of the flowers are so unbelievable you would be forgiven for thinking that someone was making a joke.

This flower, however, is real. We promise. There’s nothing quite like it that we’ve seen.

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Pink Flowers Take Over The 'Driest Place On Earth'

Posted by admin on 05/04/16 11:04

Can you imagine 173 months with absolutey no rainfall? That's more than 14 years, nearly 60 seasons! The Atacama Desert, Chile, known by many as the driest place on earth earned it's title in the early 20th century after a dry spell spell of more than 5000 days.

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Flowers In Space? Zinnia Flowers Steal The Show

Posted by eFlorist on 09/02/16 11:37

Space travel is a million miles from day-to-day life; a million miles away from everything in fact. We live and breathe flowers, sending flowers up and down countries all over the world making people smile. We once joked about flower deliveries to the Moon, but with every day that passes this is looking like it could be more and more possible.

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Flower Delivery, Fresh From The Florist

Posted by eFlorist on 05/01/16 15:18

How does our flower delivery service work?

How can you make someone happy? We've written in great length how you can easily make someone smile, from holding the door for someone to paying for the person behind you in the queue, but one way that always seems to be guaranteed in making someone smile is sending flowers.

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When To Send Flowers

Posted by eFlorist on 02/11/15 17:01

Sending flowers is a fantastic gift idea for almost any occasion. Different stems can have different meanings and different colours can symbolise different emotions and statements. Below is a quick guide to help you in choosing the perfect bunch for that special someone.

Romantic – Flowers are an age old tradition when it comes to a romantic gesture. Red flowers are associated with romantic flowers and the flower that everyone thinks of is of course the Red Rose, from single stemmed, a dozen roses to bouquets of mixed flowers. Show your love with a stunning bouquet of arrangement and let your loved ones know how you feel.

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Choosing a birthday gift

Posted by eFlorist on 20/10/15 11:35

Inspirational380x210_39-1Birthdays are the perfect time to send gifts of love and affection to your loved ones, friends, family and colleagues. Giving gifts on someone’s birthday has been a long standing tradition, but choosing the right gift can of course be tricky.

Things to think of while picking that perfect present;

1: Age

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Romantic Weekend

Posted by eFlorist on 30/09/15 14:50

In our busy life, many couples have trouble finding the time to do quality things together at weekends. There is always something more urgent, be it kids, housework, DIY or bills to sort or money to spend; whatever it is, it makes time fly. We won't remind you of the importance of organisation, but we will remind you that it is important to take time and organise activities together, especially as we draw closer to the colder, winter months now to keep the relationship fresh, healthy and exciting. Ask anyone about that time they recreated their first date!

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