Pink Flowers Take Over The 'Driest Place On Earth'

Posted by admin on 05/04/16 11:04

Can you imagine 173 months with absolutey no rainfall? That's more than 14 years, nearly 60 seasons! The Atacama Desert, Chile, known by many as the driest place on earth earned it's title in the early 20th century after a dry spell spell of more than 5000 days.

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Amazing Flower Architecture in Jerusalem

Posted by eFlorist on 17/03/16 11:30

Stunning Flower Architecture:

Flower based urban installations are a little too few and far between in our opinion and so when something as amazing as this graces the streets, it definitely catches our attention. HQ Architects, based in the heart of Jerusalem, have created this stunning installation of inflatable flowers that stand at a tremendous 9 metres tall and 9 metres wide, demanding a presence that certainly cannot be missed by anyone.

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Flowers In Space? Zinnia Flowers Steal The Show

Posted by eFlorist on 09/02/16 11:37

Space travel is a million miles from day-to-day life; a million miles away from everything in fact. We live and breathe flowers, sending flowers up and down countries all over the world making people smile. We once joked about flower deliveries to the Moon, but with every day that passes this is looking like it could be more and more possible.

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Housewarming Parties

Posted by eFlorist on 02/07/14 16:23

Every year approximately 3 million people move house. Did you know the average person move 5 times in their life? Or that people move most between the ages of 30 and 50 and the majority of these moves are during the summer?

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eFlorist: Philippines Charity Help

Posted by eFlorist on 17/11/13 12:24

Following the recent disaster in the Philippines, many people have banded together to provide the emergency care and assistance that is needed by so many families and children.

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Frost damages 30% of Colombia's flower production

Posted by Dan on 11/01/10 18:01

Ongoing freezing temperatures have damaged 30% of Colombia's flower production, announced the Association of Colombian Flower Growers on Wednesday.

The loss was predominately caused by the freezing temperatures plaguing the Sabana de Bogota region, which accounts for 70% of Colombian flower exports.

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European winter chills fresh produce demand

Posted by Dan on 11/01/10 17:57

Extreme winter conditions in Europe — the worst in five years — are causing jitters within the Kenya’s horticulture industry because of a significant cut in outdoor activities that has stymied orders for exports for the high season that runs between February and May.

While December falls within the cyclic winter season in Europe, flowers, fruits and vegetable exporters say cold temperatures have hit the purchase of flowers and hindered transportation of fresh produce from the main airports to the hinterland, mostly served by trains and trucks.

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