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20138Classified among the Solanaceae family which plays host to plants such as tomatoes, the capsicum counts more than 20 species and 300 varieties of plants whose fruit is a berry with seeds, like chilies and peppers. Capsicum is also used in floristry as an ornamental plant but may be better known as pepper or love cherry. Native to Central America and South America, the Capsicum emerged in Europe in the fifteenth century thanks to Christopher Columbus who introduced many new varieties of plants on returning from his travels.

This ornamental plant produces it’s very attractively coloured fruits between early and mid-summer depending on the chosen variety and the region in which it is grown. The flowers flourish for roughly 8 to 12 weeks and then turn into the fruits pictured. The colour of the Capsicum is in perfect harmony with the colours of early autumn; lovely, deep reds, oranges and bronze. When in full bloom, the plant needs a lot of sun, coupled with care and attention to guarantee its healthy and vigorous growth.

As sun and water are key to the successful growth of the capsicum plant in its natural environment it’s important that you try to create the same atmosphere at home, ideally about three hours of sunlight each day. If the plant doesn’t have the conditions it needs the leaves fall and the fruits it yields are much smaller. Your capsicum will thrive near windows, in a veranda or in a planter directly in the garden or balcony. Watering should be regular and it is important that the soil and the pot are well drained. Avoid leaving too much water to stand in the pot. Our recommendation would be clay balls that retain moisture and make for the ideal amount of water for the capsicum.

Capsicum is very sensitive to the cold and they dread the first frost. Don’t forget to bring them back inside if you normally keep them in the garden or on your balcony. Furthermore, the Capsicum is not a huge fan of wind and won’t flourish as well as it would indoors. Once the plant stops flowering and you see the flowers begin to fade, keep the plant somewhere cool and dry, consider the garage as an option for this. At this stage it is less crucial to water it regularly to ensure it grows and you see the beautiful fruits the next year. When arranged with other plants, such as Solanum and small conifers, your Capsicum can make a beautiful arrangement.

Warning! The Capsicum is toxic! If you have children or pets, be careful because the capsicum is a very toxic plant. These little peppers are used only decorate and are not edible!

It’s the perfect time to enjoy beautiful autumn colors and the capsicum is sure to make the perfect gift. Check our autumn collection from our online flower shop and you will see that giving joy, happiness and support just by sending colorful flowers is very easy.

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