Moon and Plants

Posted by eFlorist on 06/08/14 13:47

luneThe moon is the natural satellite of the earth. Since records began, the moon has fascinated us with its changes, its visibility and its mysterious side. While some find it hard to admit, the influence of the moon on our health, our beauty, the tides around the globe, even the menstrual cycle of women and birth are unofficially recognized by many people.

The moons effect on vegetation

The influence of the moon on the growth of vegetation and plants is particularly visible. Traditionally, farmers know the effects of the moon and have learned to live with and work with the cycles of nature to know when to plant, harvest, transplant and so on. For example:

• During a waxing moon, the plants are more resistant to disease. This moon is favourable to crops and harvests, fruits, flowers and vegetables will keep better. This is also the perfect period to prune trees or plants.

• During a waning moon, a period conducive to fertilization. Plants have less vitality but their taste, flavor and smell increase.

• At the waxing moon, the sap rises toward the stems and branches. It is therefore advisable during this time to take care of everything that happens above ground: transplant seedlings, harvesting fruits and vegetables.

• In the waning moon, the sap goes down into the roots. It is therefore a good moment to take care of everything that is going on under the earth: planting, transplanting, rooting cuttings, composting.

• During an eclipse, the plants are disturbed and it is strongly advised to leave them during this period.

If you in your garden also take the influence of the moon into consideration when planting, or taking care of your plants, trees - share your experience with us!

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