Why the red rose?

Posted by eFlorist on 17/01/14 13:51

We're fast approaching the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, synonymous with the beautiful red rose, but why is this?

This tradition was started by the Victorians and their use of floriography (the language of flowers). This was a way of communicating feelings to one another that couldn't be communicated with words. It's widely thought that to send red roses is a gesture of passion, romance and love while yellow roses are for friendship, loyalty and devotion.

In fact, the romantic nature of the rose has made it's fragrance invaluable to the perfume industry with the slightest scent of the rose setting the scene for a most romantic evening. So much so that some varieties of roses and the oils necessary for making perfume can cost as much as £32,000 per kilogram!

BLUME11Rose colours can convey many different messages, a lavender rose will show love at first sight and total enchantment, a burgundy rose showing unconscious love and pink showing total and perfect happiness.

Whatever the message you're looking to send and whoever you're sending it to, check out our many beautiful red rose bouquets and make someone happy!

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