Christmas Flower Delivery

Posted by eFlorist on 12/12/13 12:53

The only Christmas gift delivered on the same day

There is much talk about that "thought" that the future of e-commerce lies in even faster and more accurate deliveries. Customers will soon demand it and e-commerce companies are looking feverishly for ways to solve it. Most recently, it was Amazon that gave us a sneak peak of future fast deliveries with the help of so-called drones.

We can however provide a same day delivery service in the run up to Christmas. If you order a flower delivery online with us before 3pm Monday - Saturday, we will make sure your flowers are delivered that very same day.

That reason is that we have a large network of professional florists scattered across the country, so when you place an order for flowers online with us we are able to immediately transfer it to one of our local florists. The florist then creates the chosen bouquet or arrangement according to your wishes and delivers the flowers personally on your behalf. At Christmas, this means you can have flowers delivered even on Christmas eve! If you want to make your flower order more of a gift simply add chocolates, teddy bears or even a gift experience day.

eFlorist is part of the Euroflorist Group

Euroflorist is the market leader when it comes to flower delivery in Europe with a network of professional florists spanning 12 European countries. This means that together we can help you send flowers anywhere in the world.

Founded in 1982 in Malmö, Sweden, the Euroflorist Group now sends more than 1.8 million bouquets worldwide every year making it safe and easy for you to make your friends, family, partners and colleagues happy.

So, who will you make happy today?

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