All about Mother’s Day

Posted by eFlorist on 01/03/18 10:49

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, with many countries having a fixed date to mark the occasion… but not the UK. Every year Mother's Day falls on a different date; sometimes early March, other times late March, but why? Could it be a plot created by mums to keep children on their toes? Read on to discover why, in the UK, we like to mix Mother's Day dates up.

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Galentine’s Day – celebrating best girlfriends across the world

Posted by eFlorist on 01/02/18 16:15

Valentine’s Day. A day symbolising love and affection and celebrated for centuries by couples around the world. However, there’s another celebration hot on its heels… Galentine’s Day.


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Long Distance: How to keep friends and family close

Posted by eFlorist on 17/12/17 06:00

Remaining close to your family, or maintaining friendships and relationships when you're long distance can be tough. Maybe you've recently flown the nest? Or perhaps you're experiencing empty nest syndrome? Whether its a new career, recent graduation, moving for love, or simply a change of scenery, there's a time in most people's lives when friends and family become fragmented, and you can no longer simply nip around the corner for a coffee and a catch-up. Yes, there may be social media and text, however, despite the rise of technology to help us stay connected- it's still easy to feel remote and like you're drifting apart.
So, if you're missing someone close to you, we have some suggestions to help you remain close to long distance friends and family... no matter where you are.

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Christmas Flower Facts: Amaryllis

Posted by eFlorist on 11/12/17 11:16

One of the flowers synonymous with Christmas is Amaryllis. Lush green stems, adorned with velvet petals of crimson, white or pink. You're most likely seeing them everywhere at the moment, including our Festive Amaryllis Bouquet, so we thought we'd share a fascinating story, all about this Christmas flower...

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Alternative Christmas Trees - Top 5

Posted by eFlorist on 04/12/17 01:00


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The Meaning of Flowers - Chrysanthemum

Posted by eFlorist on 01/11/17 08:00


Flower delivery is our business, so it's only polite we know all about the beautiful blooms that go into them. We thought you may like to meet some of our petal covered pals, so let us introduce chrysanthemum. 

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The Meaning of Flowers - Carnation

Posted by eFlorist on 20/09/17 13:15

Have you met our friend carnation? Discover the hidden story and meaning behind the carnation, a pretty bloom with ruffled petals that's perfect in any bouquet.

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Interview with RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year - Di Marvell

Posted by eFlorist on 23/05/17 12:00

eFlorist are delighted to be sponsoring the BFA at RHS Chelsea 2017.

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Interview with RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the Year - Louisa Cooper

Posted by eFlorist on 23/05/17 12:00

This year eFlorist are proud to be sponsoring the British Florist Association’s centenary exhibit at RHS Chelsea 2017.

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Happy 100 years BFA!

Posted by eFlorist on 22/05/17 10:30

eFlorist are proud to be sponsoring the BFA’s very special centenary stand at RHS Chelsea

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