The Meaning of Flowers - Chrysanthemum

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Flower delivery is our business, so it's only polite we know all about the beautiful blooms that go into them. We thought you may like to meet some of our petal covered pals, so let us introduce chrysanthemum. 

This glorious flower is available all year round in a variety of colours, although, traditionally it grew in a glorious shades of golden yellow.

Reading through the history books we discovered that chrysanthemums are old… very old (they date back all the way to the 15th century B.C.) Their name derives from the Greek ‘Chrys’ meaning golden (their original colour) and ‘anthemion’ (which translates as flower).

Chrysanthemum are also believed to be extremely powerful... the Chinese believed the bloom to be so important, that only nobility were allowed to grow it in their gardens. Whilst Japanese Emperors loved the flower so much, they insisted on sitting upon Chrysanthemum thrones (now that’s obsession!)

To this day, the Japanese believe the flower to be a symbol of the sun and hold a chrysanthemum festival, known as the Festival of Happiness.

So, next time you're looking for a bouquet that's worthy of royalty, simply add chrysanthemums. to your arrangement.

With love, eflorist x

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