Daffodil Season

Posted by eFlorist on 21/02/14 12:48

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaffodils are maybe the most iconic spring flower, bringing sunshine and colour to any room in the house, providing a beautiful edging to rockeries and window boxes or even as part of an easy-to-grow, simple yet elegant garden arrangement.

Native to the woods and meadows of Europe, North Africa and West Asia, there are as many as 60 individual species due to hybridisation and breeding between species, some varieties are much more petite than others, varying in colour, style, number of heads per stem and even the fragrance they can fill the room with.

It couldn’t be easier to grow your own and create stunning displays of arrangements in your very own garden, balcony, border edging or window boxes, the key is to choosing the right variety. With so many different varieties of daffodils from the smaller ‘Tete-a-Tete’ daffodil, ideal for border edging and window boxes, to the larger ‘Golden King Alfred’ daffodil, great for creating large swathes of colour.

If you are growing your daffodils for smaller arrangements such as window boxes and balcony displays, perhaps even for table arrangements, you may want to try a more fragrant variety of daffodil to add that extra wow and ensure your home smells delicate, for example the ‘Poet’s Daffodil’ or the ‘White Lion’ variety.

Much like the ever popular spring flower; the tulip, daffodils can be bought as bulbs and planted any time between October and December to ensure your garden will be full of striking colour and variety in the following spring. Aim to plant them roughly 4in into the ground, deep enough to prevent the bulb splitting, in a spot that will be open to at least three hours of sunshine day to day. The pointed end needs to be facing upwards and they should be spaced two bulb-widths apart. Try naturalising the display! Bulbs placed too close together or too neatly will create an unnatural effect.

Don’t forget, daffodils can be grown in containers and pots in the same way, placing them closer together can make for fuller displays and even stunning window boxes.

If you fancy growing your own daffodils for next spring and making your garden stand out, bulbs are available all year round, but if you want to send flowers to someone to brighten their home, garden or balcony, or even to bring colour and vivacity to your own abode, take a look at our spring flower range and our daffodil bouquets.

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