Daylight Savings

Posted by eFlorist on 22/10/14 15:48

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Although many of you are no doubt looking forward to that extra hour in bed on Sunday 26th October when the clocks go back, it acts largely as a reminder that the winter months are fast approaching, the cold evenings are setting in and before too long the trees will once again be bare of their leaves, conserving their energy much, like we find ourselves.

Daylight Savings Time began in 1916 as the brainchild of George Vernon-Hudson of New Zealand, many believing the initial thought process was to allow people to reduce the use of incandescent lighting in the evenings which was previously the primary use of electricity. By aligning the day with the available light more efficiently, less money was spent on electricity.

You may not have brushed the dust off your parka just yet, “it’s still t-shirt weather!” we hear almost daily in our office. We may not want to admit it but summer drew to an end some weeks ago many argue, though the odd hot day has surprised us.

With storms becoming more frequent and the trees a little barer, there’s no hiding from the fact we will soon be confined to the warmth of our houses. Some may be lucky enough to have the fireplace going, really setting in the Christmas feeling (only 63 sleeps to go!).

It’s also a time of year that brings home the difficulties of living away from friends, family and loved ones.

If you are away from home and want to let them know you are thinking of them and to bring warmth and colour to the house, whether you want to send flowers to London or send flowers to Australia, we’re here to help. Our aim is to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered, so who will you make happy today?

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