Easter Egg Tradition

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EasterEgg_000008629277In Europe, the tradition of Easter eggs dates back to the Middle Ages, but the tradition of giving an egg of any description dates back to the ancient times when the Egyptians and Romans offered painted eggs at the beginning of spring as a symbol of life, fertility and rebirth.

Around the world, it is believed the eggs are brought by different people (or things), the most recognised in the UK is the Easter Bunny, though there are many variations!

  • In Canada, Germany, UK and USA it is thought that Easter eggs are brought by the Easter bunny. Rabbits have long been associated with spring and it is believed that the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of spring, Eostre, had a hare for a companion, symbolising fertility and rebirth. The hare has, over time, evolved to be the Easter Bunny.
  • In France, Easter eggs are brought not by an animal but by bells. In past times when people did not have watches, clocks and mobile phones, church bells were the only way to know the time. On Easter Friday, the day of the crucifixion of Christ, all bells stopped until Easter Sunday. People believe the bells went to Rome and returned on Sunday dropping Easter eggs into gardens, creating the tradition of the Easter egg hunt.
  • In Germany, and parts of German-speaking Switzerland, the Easter Bunny (Osterhase) brings eggs and the tradition of decorating tree branches with painted eggs.
  • In the United States, eggs are brought by the Easter Bunny in one of the most famous Easter traditions, the White House Easter Egg Roll, organised every year for Easter Monday by the President and First Lady. It is expected that 35 000 people will be heading to the White House for the 2015's Easter Egg Roll on April 6th.

Egg Painting

It's very easy to colour, stain and paint eggs naturally. Simply boil the eggs in water with the following, depending on the colour you'd like:

  • Red - red onion skins
  • Pink / Burgundy - beetroot, blueberries or grapes
  • Yellow - saffron, curry powder or nutmeg
  • Brown - coffee
  • Green - spinach

Chocolate, Easter egg hunts and egg painting make Easter what we know it as today, but ever increasingly, flowers are rising in popularity. Daffodils, iris and of course tulips have become almost synonymous with Easter, and make the perfect gift when hand-prepared and hand-delivered by professional, local florists. Take a look at our Spring flower collection and send your Easter greetings!

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