Favourite Flowers of the Rich & Famous

Posted by Miranda Evans on 23/09/11 17:34

Purple hydrangeasPink Roses
Celebrity dressing room demands often make headlines when crazy or outlandish diva requests are revealed. Flowers are among the tamer ‘wants’ but what are the favourite flowers of the rich and famous?

Elton John is renowned for his penchant for floristry. Rumour has it he buys fresh flowers every day. In his dressing room however, it seems he just needs one large arrangement of colourful flowers but no carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums or daisies, thank you very much.

Paris Hilton particularly loves pink we know but it seems that carnations and roses are her favourite flowers.

Jennifer Lopez tops the list of diva demands, requesting that her dressing room is completely white with white furniture, drapes, candles, lilies and roses.

Katy Perry is another celebrity who likes fresh flowers every day, preferably white and purple hydrangeas, pink and white roses or peonies but most definitely not carnations.

Madonna on the other hand does not like hydrangeas as one fan recently found out.

The media hype this caused prompted the Queen of Pop to hit back with a tribute to the flower itself. Here is Madonna’s love letter to the humble hydrangea:

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