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Vibrant Funeral Flower Cross Tribute Vibrant Funeral Flower Cross Tribute

Love, joy, happiness and sadness put rhythm to our lives. Strong and intense feelings that have to be shared. At a time of loss in a family, among friends, relatives or colleagues, it’s important to give a last tribute to the deceased. As the author Marie Lefranc said, "A deceased that we abandon dies twice." The mourning process begins with this tribute. Flowers represent both a mark of respect and a gesture of comfort. A floral tribute is an eloquent way to express your feelings.

In these difficult moments, your florist is a valuable support, they can advise you on the choice of the funeral flowers. This professional florist will guide you to find the best condolence flowers suitable according to your budget, the gender and age of the deceased, and the colors that suit the most the personality of the deceased. Generally the larger pieces, like casket, heart, are rather used by the family, but it is also possible to send funeral spray, wreath, funeral bouquet, cushion that will be delivered by a local florist at the funeral time and ceremony.

Which funeral flowers?

We can identify 2 groups of funeral flowers, funeral bouquets and funeral arrangements in oasis or floral foam. The main difference between these 2 is the duration of the flowers. Traditionally funeral flowers in oasis stay fresh longer.

Funeral bouquets are delivered the day of the ceremony. Such bouquets can have a special wrapping with water but most of them don’t have. The presentation can be either in one single color, in two, pastel or vivid. It depends on the family and the deceased. According to traditions and countries, funeral flowers and colors can vary. Very often carnations, lilies, roses and chrysanthemum are used to create funeral bouquets.

Under funeral arrangements we find many different products, with different sizes and shapes: casket, spray, crosses, posies, baskets, wreaths, cushions. Casket sprays and crosses are often the main tribute at a funeral. They are typically chosen by immediate family or close friends to express extremely personal feelings. Sprays and sheaves are very often a popular choice of informal tribute to express sympathy and support to the family. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Wreaths are a classic and traditional design of funeral tribute. They are available in different sizes and colors. In recent times we are starting to see a trend of add more foliage and greenery in floral tribute. Posies and baskets can be sent to a funeral or as a gift to a bereaved family. Baskets are often tributes suitable to be chosen for cremation. All these floral tributes need time to be prepared and request a certain number of flowers, that’s why their price is rather high sometimes. With the use of floral foam that the florist puts into water before, they can remain beautiful much longer than a bouquet.

Today, more and more families choose cremation. Cremation does not mean no flowers. Now the materials used are compatible with cremation. Normally only one piece can be used for cremation and sometimes it’s not possible at all. To be sure, it’s best to contact the funeral company beforehand to avoid complications. It’s worth mentioning that for cremation, artificial flowers are not accepted, only fresh flowers are possible. Families generally keep the flowers to put them in memorial gardens. It is also increasingly common to make small wreath or arrangements for funeral urns.

Check out our selection of flowers for funerals or sympathy flowers for the family of the deceased to let them know you are thinking of them.

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