Flowers Make Men More Attractive - FACT

Posted by eFlorist on 16/05/14 18:51

giving flowers to a womanIt’s been proven in a recent study by the University of Southern Brittany, that the presence of flowers can influence relationships and in turn, a guy’s dating prospects.

In a controlled experiment women were split in to two groups, one where they were asked to watch a video of a man talking about food, whilst they themselves sat in a room containing flower arrangements and another group where women viewed the same video in a room that didn't contain flowers.

The study found that the women who were surrounded by flowers rated the guy in the video sexier and more attractive, and were therefore more willing to go on a date with him.

However, whether the presence of flowers would have an influence on how women felt whilst interacting with a guy for real also needed to be put to the test. 100 women, and one man who was deemed to be “attractive”, were taken individually to the same room where a researcher was waiting. They were then led to two separate rooms to watch the video. The woman thought that the man was watching the same video just in a separate room, as a part of the study, but he wasn't.

Once the video was over the woman was taken to the room where the man was, where they were asked to discuss what they had just seen in the video. Leaving them alone for a few minutes to talk on their own, the man, who was working to a script, engaged the woman in conversation, complimenting her and ultimately asking her for her number.

80% of the women who had watched the video in the room of flowers gave the guy their phone number, whereas 50% of those who were in the flowerless room did not.

Taking the experiment one step further, just to conclude if flowers did have a positive influence or not, another scenario was staged. This time an “attractive” man asked 600 women separately in a shopping mall for their phone numbers whilst stood either in front of a flower stall, cake shop or shoe shop.

Consistent with the previous studies, the guy’s success rate went up when he was positioned in front of flowers. Although he got knocked back quite a bit, 24% of the women said yes compared to 15.5% when he was outside the cake shop and 11.5% in front of shoes.

So the message is guys, if you want to win the girl, don’t forget the flowers!

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