Happy Easter!

Posted by eFlorist on 17/03/15 15:52

ARR14_46M_aThe first signs of spring are slowly but surely making an appearance , the longer evenings, lighter mornings and the gloriously bright daffodils decorating our gardens, balconies, hedgerows and roadsides up and down the country, not to mention the warmth in the air!

By early April, gardens and parks everywhere will be full of families carrying out the family favourite Easter egg hunt. Spring is a very exciting time of year, the end of the cold and dark winter and the warm promises of the season to come undoubtedly instil good-feeling in anyone, and not to mention the promise of presents and, of course, chocolate.

Traditionally, chocolate is the most common gift to send anyone at Easter, more specifically chocolate eggs but many of the decorations we see include the Easter Bunny, fluffy baby chicks and evermore increasingly flowers. Many flowers are now symbolic of spring, daffodils, tulips, primulus and ranunculus.

Easter Colours

If anyone asked you what colour Easter makes you think of, yellow springs to mind first and foremost, but the trend for 2015 is showing that this may change. Purple, pink and even white are beginning to make an even greater appearance in our Easter decorations, we know our range of spring flowers is proudly displaying a gorgeous range of colours. If you are currently in the middle of your Easter decorating, be adventurous with new colours, start new trends! Don't forget the accessories to complete your Easter decorations, small eggs, feathers, nests, bunnies, the list goes on. As it's spring, perhaps include some small birds and butterflies for effect.

An arrangement of flowers may not be the first Easter gift you think of at this time of year, but more and more people every year are sending flowers for Easter, thanks to the creativity of our local florists we have some beautiful bouquets of tulips, daffodils and ranunculus sure to make anyone smile and bring that all important sunshine and cheer to any room in the house. If you want Easter gift ideas, we recommend taking a look at our range of spring flowers and you'll be surprised how easy it is to send flowers today.

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