Housewarming Parties

Posted by eFlorist on 02/07/14 16:23

Warm roses and gerberasEvery year approximately 3 million people move house. Did you know the average person move 5 times in their life? Or that people move most between the ages of 30 and 50 and the majority of these moves are during the summer?

Though many don’t realise how significant moving house may be, it’s safe to say we all look forward to a good housewarming party with friends and family. The tradition of the housewarming party began in the Middle Ages where a metal bar was installed over the fireplace on which a large pot was hung and cooking begun. The first meal provided food to the friends and family who helped the individual move house and with the fireplace inside and people huddled round, the house grew warmer and the housewarming party took form.

It’s very rare these days to hang a pot in the fireplace for warmth but the housewarming tradition lives on. The opportunity to celebrate and thank all those who helped out with not only the move but also with the building, renovation and decoration.

These days, housewarming parties in the UK take place three months after moving traditionally allowing the new resident’s time to unpack their belongings and make the place look homely and welcoming. It is normally organised by the new owners though we have seen occasions where the friends and family of the new owners organise a surprise party with a comedic theme. Make sure you forewarn your neighbours or it’s going to be a tough beginning to that friendship.

You have received an invitation to a housewarming party, what do you get as a housewarming gift? We’ve found there are three clear categories of gifts for such an occasion:

Humorous gifts – this might be a montage of memories to make the new owners smile or quirky gifts such as tea-towels with slogans or cushions with images.

Useful gifts – you could team up with other friends and family to give household appliances or even furniture.

Flowers and plants – these are the most common offerings, a tree, fruit tree or shrub signifying fertility and stability, symbolic of longevity and permanency. If plants and trees are not possible, perhaps they don’t have ample space in the garden for it to thrive, select a nice bouquet of flowers hand-made by our professional local florists. Happiness is always written with flowers.

See our selection of flowers and gifts for housewarming and let our florists surprise your friends, making them loved and remembered!

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