Lavender - Eat, Drink and Be Happy

Posted by Miranda Evans on 06/09/12 18:29

A touch late perhaps due to the inclement weather this summer but my lavender bushes are just coming in to bloom. It not only looks stunning, it smells fantastic too, but the archetypal English country garden perennial, does so much more than just that.

The aroma of lavender we know, has a fabulous calming effect and is used to soothe and aid sleep but did you know that lavender oil can be used for treating burns, reducing pain and preventing infections too?


Lavender is an antiseptic, a painkiller and has antibacterial properties. This incredible little purple flower has been used for generations in so many ways:

- Pain relief
- Aid sleep
- Improve blood circulation
- Mosquito repellent
- Improve digestion
- Aid depression
- Ease migraines and headaches
- Cold remedy
- Soothe blemishes, cuts, sunburn and bruises
- Increase mental activity

Lavender Oil
Add drops of lavender oil to your bath to improve circulation, ease tired muscles and increase mental wellbeing or add drops to a handkerchief and then inhale to aid sleep, calm your nerves or to act as a cold remedy or for pain relief. Drops of lavender in your moisturiser will soothe sunburn and bruising or use lavender oil when massaging aching joints or muscles.

Dried Lavender
Dried flower lavender buds can be crushed and made in to sachets making pretty, scented gifts to pop in a drawer to keep your clothes smelling nice (and the moths at bay) or used whole for potpourri.

Eat, Drink and Be Happy!
How to make lavender tea
How to make lavender cup cakes
Yes, you can bake with it, drink it and bathe in it! Is there a more versatile plant I wonder. With a little bit of know-how you will never be short of ideas for what to do with your lavender when the summer is over.

Note: As with many essential oil, lavender should be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women, it’s also not recommended for use by diabetics or those with sensitive skin. It should not be swallowed or used internally either.

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