Michaelmas - Folklore & Flowers

Posted by Miranda Evans on 25/09/12 13:08

Blackberry Picking
Legend has it that when Satan was banished from Heaven he fell straight into a blackberry bush. Every year he curses the brambles again by spitting on them, making them inedible. This day is known as Michaelmas (September 29th). If you believe such things or are superstitious, then make sure you pick your blackberries before Michaelmas.

Michaelmas Daisies
Michaelmas daisies are a perennial flower, available in a variety of colours and forms that usually bloom in late summer (at the time of Michaelmas).

Flowers have long been used to demonstrate our affections with daisies representing innocence, youth and vitality. This is probably why they were deemed most appropriate for the old playground tradition of picking petals to the words of “he loves me, he loves me not”, to find out how the object of our affections truly feels about us, with the pick of the last petal revealing the answer.

Michaelmas daisy


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