Flower Petals - The Olympic Cauldron

Posted by Miranda Evans on 08/08/12 19:05

The unique and iconic Olympic cauldron was, in my view, the highlight of the London 2012 opening ceremony.

Each competing nation were presented with a copper petal inscribed with their country’s name and the words: XXX Olympiad London 2012. The petals were then carried into the stadium by each team as part of the athlete’s procession and then attached to series of gas pipes.

The big question on everyone’s lips however was who would light the cauldron. The answer was inspired. They were lit by not one individual but by seven. Seven previous British Olympic champions personally chose an outstanding up and coming young athlete to fulfil the honour of lighting the Olympic flame.

The flame spread from one petal to another then gradually rose in unison to graciously and dramatically form one enormous flaming cauldron, the symbol of the Olympics.

Olympic Cauldron

Flowers have for centuries been a symbol of peace, respect, admiration and unification. The inclusion of flower petals at such a global event was undoubtedly significant.

What perhaps makes this structure and symbol of unity even more apparent is that once the Games are over and the cauldron is dismantled, the petals will be redistributed amongst the 204 nations, further emphasising the importance of giving and receiving flowers.

There can be no doubt that sending flowers whether it’s around the corner or around the world will be appreciated and admired. If you love to send flowers or have been lucky enough to receive them, you will already understand and appreciate the power and influence they can have. Flowers quite simply bring people together and can, as we have seen at the Olympics, unite nations.

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