Poppies Visible All Over UK!

Posted by eFlorist on 09/06/14 18:09

poppy fieldThe dramatic yet delicate poppy can now be seen all over the UK and should be visible right through until August.

Clement Scott, a Victorian poet wrote: "Neath the blue of sky, in the green of the corn, It is there that the regal red poppies are born!"

The wild poppy is most commonly associated with remembrance day as the adopted symbol of the WWI battlefields. It was in fact the churning up of the soil which allowed the plants to flower and thrive, making them the first sign of colour and life.

The plants themselves die after flowering but their seeds lay dormant until the soil in disturbed once more.

Dramatic and delicate in design. The common poppy, on mass, really is quite a sight to behold.


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