The Social Media Revolution - Being Social

Posted by Miranda Evans on 21/08/12 19:00

In today’s fast paced world, social media has made it possible for us to stay in touch with our friends, families and colleagues, every minute of the day and night. Whether we’re, posting, tweeting, emailing or texting we can send messages quicker and more succinctly than ever before. Finding friends, old or new, looking for work or looking for help, announcing to the world what we feel/need/want/have, takes no time at all and very little effort.

The tools readily available at the tips of our fingers have made it possible for us to bridge miles, cross language barriers and even time differences in our ever increasing desire to "share". We are all in the grips of the social media revolution, being more sociable than ever before.

Are the messages we're sending really saying the right thing?
It’s easy enough to make a statement in a sentence or two for the entire world to read, but when it comes to sending a message to someone special about something heart felt, is an email, post or text really going to cut it?

I believe the greatest gift we can give is our time, so maybe we should take more time to say what we feel when it really matters.
Sending a message with flowersSend flowers
If you want to get the girl, clinch the deal, make the right impression or say something from the heart, sending a message in the form of flowers can tick a lot of boxes. It can set you apart from the rest and also show what a thoughtful and generous person you are, someone who is prepared to go that extra mile because someone, somewhere is worth it.

So you see, when push comes to shove, sending flowers might just get you out of a sticky situation, land you that dream job, win someone’s heart or simply make them smile.

Make a difference and send your message with flowers.

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