The exotic Ficus

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ficus-3Do you have a burning desire to travel the tropics but an equally matched desire to relax at home? The Ficus is there to help you to relax, giving an immediate sensation of being far away in the jungle. A feeling that is welcome, especially in cold winter months or when summer is not yet knocking at our doors. The exoticism of Ficus is also a source of rest thanks to its leaves who reduce the noise, amongst other benefits to your health.

Ficus feels most at home in a tropical forest, but it also appreciates the healthy living and green your home can provide. There are so many different species that you really may find the one made for you and your home. Why not take a bonsai version of the Ficus with its twisted stylish trunk? Or a high Ficus that will take a pride of place in your living room? Mini or maxi, with small or large leaves, there is most definitely a Ficus for everybody!

Fertility and abundance

Acquire a Ficus for it is not just a plant. Ficus is the Latin name for fig. And this tree is venerated by many people as a sacred tree symbol of fertility and abundance. Be careful to the needs of your Ficus and make sure to give it a pleasant home life. You will be assured of an abundance of peace and energy.

Natural soundproofing

Ficus naturally brings quiet in the house. Because this plant is known for its acoustical properties, especially the Ficus benjamina. It’s proved that the leaves deaden sound waves and can reduce them by five decibels. Ficus is more effective in areas with wide space and hard like a concrete floor for example. Place it in a small group of plants in the corner of a room and relax together in a quiet space.

Enjoy for decades

Ficus is a robust plant you can live with for decades. Sufficient light and the regular use of fertilizers will suit this plant and help it to grow stronger. The more you place it in well lit areas, the more water they will need. A good tip to preserve the quality and strength of the leaves is to place your Ficus outside in summer when there is a light shower. If we could compare a Ficus to a human characteristic, we could say that it’s a conceited person. Your Ficus will love to be appreciated and feel that you take care of it. It will be grateful if, from time to time, you remove its yellow or old leaves to make it look like the best and most beautiful plant!

Why not order a Ficus for you now that you’ve discovered all the qualities of the beautiful plant? Or offer it to a friend or relative to celebrate something new? Be happy with plants
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