The Lonely Bouquet

Posted by eFlorist on 19/06/14 19:20

STEP2The Lonely Bouquet is a “movement dedicated to spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time”. The idea is simple – make a bouquet, attach a ‘take me’ tag and leave it for a stranger to find to brighten their day!

Lonely Bouquets have already been papped all over the world but with the introduction of a whole day dedicated to the cause, we should get strangers smiling in all corners of the globe! This year is the second international Lonely Bouquet Day and it will take place a week on Sunday, the 29th June.

Try it for yourself. Buy some flowers online, make up some posies from that bouquet with a "Take Me!" tag, then leave the posies in public places, like park benches, bus stops or shopping trollies for people to find. For more information on abandoned and adopted lonely bouquets around the world go to

So what are you waiting for!? Order your flowers online today and start making up some lonely bouquets. Lets spread some smiles across the miles, together.

NB. If you do decide to take part please do drop us a line with a photo - we would love to hear your story.

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