Tulips from Amsterdam

Posted by eFlorist on 04/04/14 18:10

It’s that time of year again for those who love flowers and tulips in particular, to head for Amsterdam. Why? Well its tulip season and the fields around the city are bursting in to colour as tulips start to bloom and grow.

Those in the know make their way to Keukenhof, a park which has come to be known as “The Garden of Europe”. To say it’s a manicured expanse is somewhat of an understatement, for this is a park like no other. Everywhere you turn there are carpets of bright, bold and blooming spring flowers, a feast for the eye to behold and a seemingly little slice of heaven, right here on earth.

Each year somewhere in the region of 7 million flower bulbs are planted over 32 hectares of land in Keukenhof, which is situated in the little town of Lisse, south west of Amsterdam, creating a floral display like no other (open from now until the 18th May).

A flower parade held on Saturday 3rd May will see some 20 plus floats richly decorated with freshly cut flowers along a 42km route running from Noordwijk to Haarlem. The theme of the parade changes every year. Last year it was “Made in Holland” with a display of all things typically Dutch; clogs, windmills – you get the idea. This year it will be “Energy”. If you miss the parade don’t worry, you can see the floats on display on Sunday 4th May in Haarlem.

If you can, head to Keukenhof over the Easter break when the display will be at its absolute best. If you decide to go to the parade be prepared to get your place along the route early. Predictions are that there will be hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets all waiting to marvel at the incredible spectacle.

Flower production in Holland

Bulbs are mainly cultivated in two regions of the Netherlands, North and South Holland to be precise. The weather of course has a huge impact on production and subsequently the number of bulbs that appear in the markets each year. Generally speaking somewhere in the region of 8.5 billion flower bulbs are produced, which should give you an indication of just how huge an event this is. Of course to really appreciate it you have to see it for yourself, but whatever you do, don’t forget to take your camera!

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