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Like birthstones, each month has a flower commonly associated with it, perfect for sending birthday flowers. The flower is often chosen by the availability of flowers, which flower is commonly found at that time of year, but also by the colour, atmosphere and ambience. This is a tradition that dates as far back as the Romans who offered a specific flower depending on the month of birth. If you need some inspiration for your birthday flower delivery, our florist delivered flowers make the perfect birthday gift idea.

January - Carnation

Sending a bouquet of carnations, you send the spirit of pride, beauty and admiration. A rich and colourful flower, big or small and perfect for birthday flowers to suit any budget. The birthstone for January is Garnet, an enchanting deep red, burgundy colour. We wrote before about how the colour of the flowers you send can decide the true message of your flower delivery.

February - Violet & Iris

In the language of flowers, the violet is the symbol of fidelity, humility and purity. Some might think this is the perfect birthday flower? Mixed in a planted arrangement with pansies and primrose or even as a standalone flower, you can be sure that violets will bring joy. As a cut flower, iris is available from February and displays the symbol of faith and valor.

March - Daffodil

March is the beginning of Springtime, a time of rebirth, nature and fertility. The daffodil is not only the most familiar flower of this time but is the perfect flower for March, symbolising rebirth, a new start and unparalleled loved. If you are looking for a stunning birthday flower gift, you can place your trust in daffodils, the rays of sunshine you can place in any room in the house. Perfect in cut flower arrangements alongside tulips, like our fantastic Spring Burst bouquet, or planted individually as a tête à tête presentation.

April - Gerbera & Sweet Pea

Now that spring is in full swing, days are longer and brighter, evenings are spent enjoying the cool weather, it is only fitting that April brings with it flowers that bring happiness, fun, and childlike joy. With it's extensive range of colours and varieties, not to mention its forever-young attitude, the gerbera is the perfect flower for April and a symbol of innocence, love and purity. The language of flowers depicts that sending gerberas is a sign of trustworthiness, a great gift for a sincere friendship. Sweet Peas are another flower of April, symbolising blissful peace, simplicity and innocence.

May - Lily of the Valley

The May's flower is full of symbolism. Lilies have always had a strong attraction, dating back to ancient Greece white lilies were believed to have grown from the milk of Hera. In the middle ages it was associated with the Virgin Mary and became the symbol of the French Kings. As lilies represent virtue, innocence, noble feelings and purity of heart they are the perfect birthday flowers for someone you truly care about. The lily of the valley is incredibly seasonal and denotes sweetness, humility and happiness. It is also believed it will bring good luck, particularly a stem with 13 flowers.

June - Rose

The rose has an immeasurable popularity, and even more meanings to boot. As the symbol of love, passion, beauty and perfection, the rose is the queen of all flowers. There is a reason it is synonymous with Valentine's Day! In the language of flowers it is not just the flower that denotes emotions or virtues, but the colour and even quantity. White as purity, red for love, yellow for jealousy, orange for admiration or enthusiasm and the list continues. To send a single red rose can carry as much weight as a bouquet of 12 or even 24.

July - Delphinium

Delphinium is commonly known larkspur. This lush, dulphin-shaped flower is the symbol of an open heart and arden attachment, much like a strong bond of friendship. Delphinium brings with it lots of fresh feelings of summer time and is an ideal birthday gift idea to bring to a summer evening party. Available in several colours but most beautiful in blue.

August - Gladioli

A symbol of sincere feelings, strength and moral integrity, the gladioli is a flower that will always be received as a birthday flower delivery. Derived from the Latin 'gladius' meaning sword, this sword shaped flower (when closed) will bloom into one of the most beautiful stems and some say pierce the recipients heart with love. This proud stem is incredibly elegant in a tall arrangement or even in a bouquet of simple gladioli.

September - Aster

Aster is the symbol flower for patience, trust, courage and powerful love. When you send aster, you send your kind thoughts and affection, a great birthday gift idea that is sure to be appreciated thanks to the beauty of the aster flower. Many believe there is a mystical side to the aster, and although incredibly elegant, some believe they still a have magical quality. Aster leaves are burned to release a perfume that is said to drive away evil.

October - Marigold

Nature comes alive in Autumn, forests and gardens glow red. orange and brown. This enchanting view is reflected in October's flower, the marigold, which is fully of energy in the autumn landscape and shorter days. This is the symbol for grace and affection, even compassion. Marigolds can also be seen as a sign of serenity, warm friendship and undying love.

November - Chrysanthemum

Although many see the chrysanthemum as a funeral flower, they are quite the contrary! A symbol of optimism and happiness, symbolic of the sun and noble feelings, the chrysanthemum can be considered far from a funereal stem. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is viewed as a sacred flower and many Dynasty's used the chrysanthemum as their symbol flower. Did you know that a red chrysanthemum in the language of flowers translates to "I love you"? Undoubtedly a well received birthday flower delivery.

December - Poinsettia

Autumn has long drawn to a close and winter is upon us, the cold days, dark evenings and long nights confine us to the warmth of our homes with the ones we love. Nature may be sleeping but Christmas is just waking up. The poinsettia is known as the Christmas Star and is an excellent gift for a birthday in December, not just for Christmas. Available from early December is all flower shops, this amazing plant is the symbol of good cheer, happiness and celebration and will find its place in any room in the house, however it may be decorated.

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