Flower Delivery, Fresh From The Florist

Posted by eFlorist on 05/01/16 15:18


How does our flower delivery service work?

How can you make someone happy? We've written in great length how you can easily make someone smile, from holding the door for someone to paying for the person behind you in the queue, but one way that always seems to be guaranteed in making someone smile is sending flowers.

When you place your order, our flower delivery system intelligently decides where in the network your order is going and sends it to the florist almost instantly. This process is so quick in fact that it is likely the florist has received the order before you've received your order confirmation!

Our expert local florists tells the system they can deliver the order and it finds its place in their daily planner while they hand pick the finest and freshest flowers from the selection in the stunning local flower shop. After reviewing the image and the recipe for the bouquet or arrangement you've chosen, our expert florist sets to work recreating the bouquet.

Once the bouquet is complete, the final quality checks are done, final touches are made and decorations are secured before the bouquet is taken by our local florist to the recipient at the address you provide. Then comes the fun bit.

Our favourite stories are those from our florists telling us of the time they walk into an office with a bouquet of flowers, people look up from their desks with excitement and anticipation, who's name is going to get called? Who's partner has made it their task to surprise their other half? 

The truth is, there are very few gifts as special as a flower delivery, particularly one of our fresh florist delivered bouquets. A personalised gift, prepared with only one person in mind for delivery on a special day, often the same day if you order flowers before 3pm Monday to Saturday! 

With all bouquets we offer a seven day (minimum!) freshness guarantee. We're confident in our flowers, in our service and in our ability to make it easy to make loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered. 

We understand how important all occasions are in their own way and we ensure that every order is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail by our UK based Customer Service team and our network of expert local UK florists, to ensure your special occasion is celebrated how it should be, enjoyed for as long as possible and remembered for even longer.

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