Orchid Care Tips - Bring Out The Most In Your Orchids

Posted by eFlorist on 27/07/16 12:30

Very trendy, elegant and smart, the orchid is one of the favourite tropical plants. Like in its natural environment, the orchid needs specific living conditions and specific care. Our expert florists have shared some tips with you so you can enjoy this eye-catching plant even longer.

Epiphytic or terrestrial?

To be able to bring them the appropriate care, it’s very important to first understand who they are. Orchids originally come from a tropical environment with a lot of moisture, light, but not direct sun. There are 2 families of orchids: epiphytic or terrestrial.

 - Epiphytic orchids live on tree or branch growing from other plants. Unlike parasites, they don’t gain any food or any nutriment from the tree on which they grow. Their main characteristic is the air roots that grow unattached and dry out in between periods of rain. They need an open spot with a good aeration and drainage. Cattleya, vanda, phalaenopsis and dendrobium are epiphytic

 - Terrestrial orchids live on the ground in a water retentive humus or rotting wood and leaves. To grow in the best condition they need a constantly moist, but not soggy soil. Cymbidium, miltonia, paphiopedilum are terrestrial

Appropriate quantity of water

Just like some orchids may be killed by being planted in soil when they are not a terrestrial type orchid, giving too much water to some others may sign their death warrant! Indeed many people still make the mistake that as these plants are native from tropical rainforests, they need watering constantly.

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