Recipe: Ice cubes with flowers and fruits

Posted by eFlorist on 10/10/16 10:21


Summer is all around and you are looking for not just any refreshment, but a stylish, creative and beautiful one?  Then we have the perfect recipe for you to surprise your friends or family on a warm summer evening. And what better than one that contains flowers! Now you might wonder, how can flowers be refreshing? Well, all you need is some water, a freezer and a little bit of patience to let your flowers turn into little icy eye catchers that will make even a simple soda water a true sensation. Let`s get started!


You will need:


  •         Edible flowers

Usually a good place to find edible flowers is your local farmers market. If you can`t find them there, check your supermarket or order them online. There is plenty of edible flowers but we focused mainly on Violets as their sweet and floral taste makes them perfect to use in desserts or ice cubes for decorative drinking.

  •         Fruits

To have a nice variety of ice cubes we also included fruit in our recipe.  The choice of fruits is up to you. Keep in mind that they should go well with the drink you are serving. We’d say the more colourful and summery the better.  A little tip from the experts: Avoid banana – they tend to change colour and get a bit pulpy.

  •         Knife

A normal fruit or vegetable knife will do the job.

  •         Ice Cube Tray

There is probably no need to buy a new ice cube tray. Have a look in your freezer, your kitchen shelves or cupboards and most likely you will find one there. If not, you can also use a muffin tray instead.

  •         Water

Normal tap water is fine.

  •         Freezer

If your freezer is set on around -18 °C your ice cubes are ready in no time.




Get to work/How to make it


  1. Wash the flowers and fruit and cut your fruit into small pieces. You can leave the flowers either like they are or pull the petals from their buds.
  2. Place flowers and fruit into an ice cube tray.
  3. Slowly pour cold water into the cups.
  4. Place the tray in the freezer and wait 2 hours until frozen. Now you can either wait another 5 minutes until the ice cubes start to melt or help out a bit by holding the back of the tray under warm water for a few seconds. Loosen the cubes until they slide out and pop them into glasses filled with your favourite summer drink.
  5. Impress your friends and enjoy!

Please note: Use edible flowers from specialist suppliers that have been grown for human consumption.