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Posted by eFlorist on 30/09/15 14:50

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In our busy life, many couples have trouble finding the time to do quality things together at weekends. There is always something more urgent, be it kids, housework, DIY or bills to sort or money to spend; whatever it is, it makes time fly. We won't remind you of the importance of organisation, but we will remind you that it is important to take time and organise activities together, especially as we draw closer to the colder, winter months now to keep the relationship fresh, healthy and exciting. Ask anyone about that time they recreated their first date!

We've decided to come up with a few romantic weekend ideas, take note gentlemen!

  1. Local events. Possibly the cheapest of the options, nonetheless a great way to spend time together and no need to travel to far afield. Let's not confuse local with boring or low-cost with cheap however as these events can often be the most nostalgic, particularly if you met at a similar event. Art lovers? Check the local theatre, see if there's a new gallery near you. Sports fan? Get tickets to their next game, careful with that one though!
  2. Outdoor & sightseeing activities. If you and your partner love the great outdoors, why not look at planning a sightseeing weekend, a tour of a well known landmark or a stay at a hidden gem with stunning views. The beauty of planning something like this is that any budget, be it a cheap weekend away or an extravagant trip to London for two, you can always achieve an amazingly romantic weekend away. 
  3. Date night. Agree on a day each week where you can both clear your schedules, switch off your smartphone and leave the kids with their grandparents. Imagine each date is your first date, remember that exciting, unique atmosphere, the table for two at your favourite restaurant where you met. Turn up at the door, a bouquet of red rose or romantic flowers and a freshly ironed shirt or cook a romantic candelit meal for two at home for that thoughtful touch.
  4. Surprise holiday. This might not be the cheapest option but you can be sure of a weekend to remember when it comes to a romantic long weekend away. Leave the kids with the grandparents, get the neighbours to feed the cat and get yourself to a last-minute holiday website (try Paris or Venice for best results) and leave the stress and day-to-day chores behind you.

Whatever your destination, plan or budget, don't forget to make time for each other, the best investment is time. No matter what romantic weekend plans you make, be sure to check out our romantic flowers, hand-prepared and hand-delivered by our expert local florists.

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