Skeleton Flower - The flower that turns see through!

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Just when you thought you had seen it all, the world of flowers continually throws surprises at you. We’re always discovering amazing flowers that we never thought were possible, we just try and make sure we avoid reading about anything like this close to April 1st, some of the flowers are so unbelievable you would be forgiven for thinking that someone was making a joke.

This flower, however, is real. We promise. There’s nothing quite like it that we’ve seen.

Skeleton Flowers

skeleton flowers see through when it rains

Credit: Twimg

This flower, at first glance, may not be something you cast more than a second glance at should you walk past it while on your weekend stroll through the country side. Pretty and delicate though this flower may be, a very different side to this flower is revealed when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Diphelleia grayi, as it is scientifically known, is recognised by it's umbrella-like blooms and bold yellow stamen contrasting against its pure white petals. Once the heavens open and the rain begins to fall, the Skeleton flower takes on a very different appearance. 

Skeleton Flowers see through in the rain

Credit: Minkara

The Skeleton flower is native to the colder regions of Japan and China, preferring more moist environments such as wooded mountainsides and forests. Perhaps not the most likely flower to stroll past, though our readership is global so if you do come across these phenomenal little stems, please send in any pictures!

Skeleton Flower see through rain flower

Credit: Minkara

If we're completely honest, we've spent a while researching this and we're still not entirely sure how it happens, however our in-house flower experts and florists believe the flowers may be made up of such high cellulose or glucose makeup that the flower becomes as absorbent as tissue paper. The thinness and the absorbency means that in a light shower the petals become almost entirely see through. How amazing is that?

skeleton flowers

Credit: Noizmoon

Lucky for you, we've found a video of the Skeleton flower changing colour in the rain...

If you are lucky enough to see these on your weekend stroll any time soon, we hope the April showers bring out the two sides of this unique flower and we'd love for you to send us any photographs you take! If you'd like to send a bouquet of spring flowers that put a smile on someone's face, check out our same day delivery flowers now!

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H/T: Bored Panda - Skeleton Flowers

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