5 Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day

Posted by eFlorist on 11/02/17 08:59

14th of February is Valentine’s Day. You have decided that this year you will make it special and don’t forget it like last year. This is a very good start but you need to know that a successful Valentine is a well prepared and planned Valentine. It means that last minute plans can be fun but a catastrophe.


5 Helpful Tips for Valentine's Day

1 - Planning, planning, planning
You may think that as a regular user of this restaurant, the table at the back that you always get will be there for you as usual? Forget it! Book it in advance unless you have enough to cook a last minute dinner. This year Valentine’s Day is a Sunday so maybe a good tip would be to book a table for the Saturday evening but probably other couples may have the same idea, so plan ahead!

2 – Be smart, pretty and clean
In a hurry or no time to think of something special for that evening? Don’t just put a hat & don’t wear what you had the day before! It may be a no-brainer topic, but after reading experience from some people, it’s worth of a reminder. Wash, shave, brush and be smart. Making an effort in clothing, makeup or wearing a new perfume will be immediately seen as a care sign and be appreciated.

3 – Be on time & available
Nothing is worse than waiting alone in front of the restaurant or a cinema or at home for your partner on Valentine’s Day. This year it should be easier for you as it’s not a working day. This Valentine’s dinner or evening, either at home or outside, is a moment to be shared with your partner, not with your friends. So don’t spend the evening on your mobile sending SMS to friends or colleagues.

4 – Be romantic
Especially if this is not your habits to be so, surprise him/her with delicate and romantic attentions. A lovely message hidden under the pillow, a bouquet of flowers delivered at home with a romantic message, kids spending the day and night with grandparents so you have the whole time just for you. With roses or seasonal flowers like tulips, ranunculus you can easily find a romantic association in red, pink or white.

5 – Surprise her/him
Your Valentine’s Day surprise will be a full success if you exceed the expectations from your partner or friend. You are known as someone who never remembers any date, he/she will be so happy to receive a bouquet of flowers or arrangement of roses in the morning with a lovely secret message to meet you for a surprise dinner. A duo massage in a spa centre will also be a great surprise. The idea is to spend time together as a couple without kids and break the routine.

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