Our Favourite Easter Flowers

Posted by eFlorist on 20/03/16 11:30

Easter is coming up, Spring is in full bloom

The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming and the tulips are in full swing. Easter is a beautiful time of year, a time when the days get longer, the evenings lighter and the flowers brighter. A fitting farewell to the cold and gloom of winter - it has felt like winter was never going to end this year!

Easter is about new beginnings and fresh starts; when the lambs and the rabbits adorn the country side, when the daylight lasts longer than the night and is celebrated as when Jesus was resurrected. It is perhaps most famous for the chocolate Easter Eggs that make Easter a favourite among young children. The excitement of Easter egg hunts in the house, in the garden and at the local parks. 

Truly a lovely time of year to leave the house, taking a chance at going out without a coat and umbrella and enjoying the bright sunshine and delightfully warm weather and enjoy the company of your friends, family and loved ones.

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 Easter Flowers:

One of the best things about Easter and the spring season is the flowers. No other season brings us such iconic flowers, bursting with colour, fragrance and joy. We specialise in sending flowers to make people happy and it truly is these flowers that excel, filling the entire room with brightness, colour and excitement.



You can't talk about spring flowers without the daffodil springing to mind. A ray of sunshine adorning roadsides and planted arrangements all over the country creating an utterly breathtaking display of jubilant, vibrant colour that can be enjoyed by all

If you fancy growing your own arrangement of daffodils, you may just be a little late for this year but don't worry - it really couldn't be easier to grow your own stunning display of daffodils and proudly display your garden. 

The daffodil is most famous for its association with St David's Day, whereby a daffodil is worn on one's lapel. This tradition dates back many a year to a time when Welsh troops could be indentified by a leek worn on their uniform. With similarities in the names - cenhinen meaning 'leek' and cenhinen Pedr meaning 'Peter's Leek'. As tradition's progress, the leek was considered less glamorous than the daffodil and so the narcissus (daffodil) took pride of place in Welsh identity.



Once again, you can't even imagine Easter without the subtle elegance of tulips popping into your mind. Tulips have a small window of opportunity to fill window boxes, garden planters and planted arrangements; being available from February until May before quietly waiting until the next spring. 

The popularity of tulips has been recorded for many hundreds of years and while the origin of the tulip is quite widely debated, one occasion that perfectly highlights the popularity of the tulip is 'Tulip Mania' that broke out in Holland in the 1600s. The price of tulip bulbs rocketed to previously unprecedented levels, on occasion fetching prices ten times that of the salary of a skilled craftsman! Tulip Mania is said to have peaked in 1683 when the 'Semper Augustus' tulip bulb sold for 'more than a fine home along the canal'. 



This striking stem is easily recognised by it's contrasting yellow and blue-purple. Symbolising eloquence, the Iris carries emotion and pride and is simply a delight to receive from a friend or loved one.

Taking their name from the Greek Goddess, they were often placed on the graves of loved ones as tributes by the Egyptians, believing that Iris had guided the souls of women to the after life. Iris are possibly the most understated of the easter flowers, a very simple structure is complimented by their striking shades, meaning they really steal the show when it comes to sending easter flowers. 

While Iris may not have the same life as other long lasting flowers such as chrysanthemum, with the appropiate care, attention and fresh water, your Iris will last the same amount of time as your arrangement, bringing brightness, joy and pride to your home.

Easter Flowers:

These are just a selection of our favourite Easter Flowers, there really are too many to choose from but one thing is for sure, they are exude happiness, brightness and sheer joy in all the arrangements they grace. Easter Flowers are possibly our favourites, making it easier than ever to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered.

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