Arrangement Care - get The Most Out Of Your Arrangements

Posted by eFlorist on 09/08/16 14:23

Unlike bouquets, an arrangement of flowers are put in floral foam which has been previously impregnated with water. Our expert florists are sharing some tips and best practices so you can enjoy them longer.

Arrangement or bouquet?

In both cases, your florists is using cut flowers that need individual care. But as opposed to bouquet, an arrangement is done in a specific support, the floral foam. This foam can be placed in a vase, in a pot, in a container, glass or used alone and covered with leaves for example. Unlike for a bouquet, an arrangement is not put directly in water. But your flowers will still need some water!

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Plant Care - Perfect Tips To Make Your Plants Last That Little Extra

Posted by eFlorist on 05/08/16 11:00

Ever green, blooming or aromatic, plants have lots of benefits among them the capacity to reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being. But when do I water them? Which quantity? Fertilizer yes or no? Why are leaves turning yellow? Getting green fingers has never been so easy, discover our tips here that our expert florists are happy to share with you. 

Blooming plants

Without going into too much detail for each type or variety of blooming plant, here are general principles suitable for most of indoor flowering pots. Unlike cut flowers, blooming plants last longer and can be a good substitute if you don’t have the chance to get a beautiful bouquet of flowers every week.

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Flower Care - Make Your Bouquets Last Longer

Posted by eFlorist on 02/08/16 14:00

Florist tips/secrets - our experts are sharing with you the best practices and tips to enjoy your flowers even longer.

 Either tied, round or long stem, bouquets are one of the most popular gift. It represents about ⅔ of all floral creations in the UK. A bouquet is made with several cut flowers, greenery and may contain some accessories such as a ribbon, pearls and themed add-ons. Re-cutting the stem the right way is vital to enjoy them longer, but how and with which tool really matters! If you like flowers like we do, the following care tips are very important to keep them beautiful for as long as possible.  

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Orchid Care Tips - Bring Out The Most In Your Orchids

Posted by eFlorist on 27/07/16 12:30

Very trendy, elegant and smart, the orchid is one of the favourite tropical plants. Like in its natural environment, the orchid needs specific living conditions and specific care. Our expert florists have shared some tips with you so you can enjoy this eye-catching plant even longer.

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Poisonous Flowers & Plants: 11 Flowers You Want To Look Out For

Posted by eFlorist on 22/07/16 13:24

Plants & Flowers Poisonous for Humans

There’s no hiding it – we love flowers. The varieties, the colours, scents and shapes, there really is so much to love about flowers. Not to mention how happy and valued your nearest and dearest feel when they receive a stunning bouquet of their favourite flowers. We’re not sure there’s a more perfect gift for all occasions; available at short notice, hand-created and hand-delivered for the special recipient and bring such joy for any reason or gesture.

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Rose Care - Tips And Tricks To Make Your Roses Last Longer

Posted by eFlorist on 18/07/16 14:30

Queen of all flowers, her majesty the rose is very demanding. To avoid air bubbles going up to the bud and prevent "bent-neck", you need to follow some simple recommendations that our expert florists are happy to share with you. Roses are the nation’s favourite flowers and each year millions of stems are bought and sold. Either for yourself or for the person you would like to make happy with a rose delivery, with these useful tips, you can enjoy their beauty longer.


When you bring your roses back to your home, or after the delivery, your flowers need water. Remove the wrapping paper carefully by opening it entirely, do not try to pull the stems at the bottom. Leave them for 5 minutes so they have a transition period to adapt to the room temperature.


In the meantime

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Summer Flowers: What’s In Season and What to Sow?

Posted by eFlorist on 26/05/16 12:48

We’ve had the first few hot days of the year in the late spring and it seems that summer is finally upon us in the UK.  It’s now that time of year where budding gardeners don their gloves and head outside, using their green-fingers to bring out everyone else’s green-eyed monster.  As we watch on to see the dark patches of soil become laden with the bright pinks, oranges and purples of the blooming summer flowers, some questions may spring to the minds of the gardening novices: what are these beautiful flowers? And when should I start planting them too? We’ve picked our favourite summer flowers and given some hints and tips to

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Flower Pressing Made Easy - Tips And Tricks

Posted by eFlorist on 24/05/16 11:02

If your beautiful bouquet of flowers is nearing its end, instead of throwing them out to the compost bin, try these easy methods of flowers pressing to enjoy your favourite blooms for longer.

Flower pressing has been used for centuries to create art, jewellery and keepsakes. There are many methods that can be used when pressing flowers, below are our favourites. Fresh flowers obviously work best when pressing, but older flowers can be used.

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Skeleton Flower - The flower that turns see through!

Posted by eFlorist on 28/04/16 16:06

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the world of flowers continually throws surprises at you. We’re always discovering amazing flowers that we never thought were possible, we just try and make sure we avoid reading about anything like this close to April 1st, some of the flowers are so unbelievable you would be forgiven for thinking that someone was making a joke.

This flower, however, is real. We promise. There’s nothing quite like it that we’ve seen.

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8 Tips For A Healthy Work Life

Posted by eFlorist on 13/04/16 15:00

Health and well-being in the work place is gaining attention quickly. With stand-up meetings, power breaks and flexible hours at an all time high, the power of workplace health and well-being is becoming incorporated into many organisations core values. 

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